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Partinico (near Palermo). Burned Pino Maniàci’s car

It was announced by the website Telejato. The Police are working to identify who set the fire. Solidarity from Ossigeno

The car of Pino Maniàci, chief editor of Telejato, local TV of Partinico (in the province of Palermo), was set on fire by unknown assailants in the afternoon of 29th November. It was announced by the website of the brodcaster (Read more). The police reported the incident. Maniàci, along with his family and other journalists from the editorial office, has been threatened several times in the past because of the commitment of their news channel to tell stories on the local organized crime.

The fire was extinguished by fire-fighters. The car, an old BMW, was parked near the Telejato offices. The Carabinieri of the local police station are working to try and identify who set the fire on, examining the images of the surveillance cameras in the area.

“I think it is an act of vandalism, the car was not being used and it got damaged over time. There was a broken window and two smashed lights. I hypothesize that this was a stunt”, Maniàci said.

To PinoManiàci and the editorial office of Telejato goes the solidarity of Ossigeno per L’Informazione, which certified this year – and for the time being – incidents of threats and intimidation against over 360 journalists.


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