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Reporter and editor of weekly “Oggi” sentenced to a month in jail

The sentence arrives while the discussion on the abolition of imprisonment for journalists who commit the crime of defamation is on

The editor of the weekly Oggi Umberto Brindani and the reporter Giuseppe Fumagalli were convicted of defamation for, respectively, one month and one month and fifteen days of imprisonment by the Court of Appeal of Brescia for an article about Claudio Scazzi, brother of Sarah Scazzi, the girl killed in Avetrana (in the province of Taranto) in 2010. The Court recognized to the man a compensation of 40 thousand euros. Prosecutors had asked for the journalists two years and six months in prison.

Scazzi disputed interview made to him and published on November 17th, 2010: in the article he spoke of his contacts with Lele Mora, but his words, he argued, would have been misrepresented. Fumagalli and Brindani had been acquitted by a court in Bergamo at the end of the first appeal.

Antonio Cozza, Scazzi’s lawyer, expressed satisfaction for the judgement: “We have always said that the article was highly defamatory, our demands have been met.”


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