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What is going on in Italy – Safety Net Ossigeno – 10th – 16th November 2014

The 37th of 48 weekly reports created with the support of the European Union and disseminated in eleven countries to promote a common awareness

Safety Net Ossigeno – Weekly Report 10th -16thNovember 2014
Whathappened in Italy: threatened journalists and obscured news

Another disturbing week for the press has just gone by, seeing the toll of intimidated journalists in Italy rise: very troubling the episode occurred in the centre of Rome against LirioAbbate, under police protection for years and threatened many times. Always in the capital, two other intimidation acts from the organized crime have prompted professional organizations to talk about “an unresolved democratic emergency”.

WHAT IS HAPPENING IN ROME? – On the evening of November 11th the car in which Abbate, reporter for the weekly L’Espresso, was traveling with his police protection, was chased and rammed by another car, who then tried to escape before being blocked by agents of the journalist’s detail. The driver was stopped, while the passenger managed to escape. Investigators found the episode alarming and are investigating.

That same evening an interview with Abbate was aired during the broadcast of the TV show Ballaròon RaiTre within a report in which the journalist Francesca Fagnani analysed organized crime in Rome, referring to the presence clans, to the links between crime and right-wing extremists and possible links with political and business environments. On the following day Ms Fagnani received death threats and heavy insults on the website of the TV show.

A few days before Federica Angeli, reporter for La Repubblica underpolice protection for over a year, had received on her Facebook profile death threats addressed to her children. “How can I not be afraid of what they write? This time there were no scruples, I was publicly threatened”, the journalist, who in August had suffered two more threats incidents by members of the Spada clan of Ostia, said.

INTIMIDATION – On October 19, Annalisa Perla, journalist for the TV show L’Ariachetira (broadcast on La7), was threatened while trying to interview the thirteen families who live in the Royal Palace of Caserta without authorization. One occupant, after warning her to go away, chased her away with a stick.

In the night between 4 and 5 November on the walls and doors of the newsroom offices of the Gazzetta di Modena and the Resto del Carlino appeared two graffiti that read: “Carlino and Gazzetta accomplices of the security-drift” and “No citizen patrols”. Even the videophones were damaged.

JUDGMENTS – Michele Santonastaso, lawyer of some members of the Casalesi clan of the Camorra, was sentenced on November 10th by the court of Naples to a year in prison (suspended sentence) for threats, aggravated by the mafia purposes, against the journalist Rosaria Capacchione and the writer Roberto Saviano, contained in a letter from the boss that he read in the court room in 2008.

The journalist Franco Nicastro was acquitted of libel against Vito Ciancimino, former mayor of Palermo, because the crime does not exist. One of the mayor’s sons, Roberto, had sued for a report published in 2011 by the ANSA news agency.

THE WITNESS – Rosalba De Giorgi, the journalist of Taranto broadcaster Studio 100 that on October 28 had been threatened by a gunman while live on the air, although the weapon was later revealed to be a toy gun, told Ossigeno that the same person had already managed to enter the studios in another occasion, however giving the idea of being there by mistake.

Threats. The car in which Lirio Abbate was traveling rammed in Rome
It happened on Tuesday, November 11 around 22pm in the centre of Rome. In September he had received other threats. He published an investigation on fascist groups and the Mafia in the capital city.
In the dead of night, a suspicious car, a Renault Clio, chased the car on which the journalist LirioAbbate, reporter for the weekly L’Espresso, was traveling with two men of the police detail, it rammed it and fled. (Continue reading)

Rome. Journalist from TV show Ballarò threatened after interview Lirio Abbate
Franesca Fagnani has aired the interview to the L’Espresso envoy reporter shortly before his car was rammed on the Lungotevere
Explicit death threats and unrepeatable insults against Francesca Fagnani, journalist for the TV show Ballarò broadcast on RaiTre, were published in the form of comments signed with pseudonyms on Wednesday, November 12 on the website of the show. (Continuereading)

Federica Angeli: “They threaten my children. That’s brazen!”
Intimidating phrases published on the Facebook page of the journalist on the day after her participation to the TV show Le Iene
Federica Angeli, the journalist from Repubblica who has been living under police protection for more than a year, on October 30 participated to an episode of the TV show Le Iene (broadcast on Italia Uno) and told viewers why she was under police protection since, in 2013 in Ostia, near her home, she was an eyewitness to a gunfight. The day after the interview to Le Iene, she received on her Facebook page a barrage of insults and some threatening words.(Continue reading)

Caserta. La7 journalist threatened with a stick
Annalisa Perla was chased down by one of the squatters of the royal park. The man had told her to go away. Passers by intervened
The journalist for the TV show L’Ariachetira (aired on La7) was threatened on October 19 as she tried to interview the thirteen families who live in the Royal Palace of Caserta without authorization. One squatter, after warning her to go away, chased her down with a stick. (Continue reading)

Modena. Threatening graffiti beneath newsroom offices
The night between 4 and 5 November scare sentences written in black spray appeared beneath the newsroom offices of the Resto del Carlino and the Gazzetta di Modena
The two major newspapers of Modena have been targeted by episodes of vandalism a few minutes away from each other, both in the night between Tuesday 4thand Wednesday 5th November. (Continue reading)

Threats to Saviano and Capacchione.Casalesi Lawyer convicted
One year in prison for Michele Santonastaso. Acquitted Carmine D’Aniello, Francesco Bidognetti and Antonio Iovine. The writer: “they are not unbeatable”
The lawyer Michele Santonastaso was sentenced on November 10 by the court of Naples to a year in prison (suspended sentence) for threats, aggravated by mafia purpose, against the journalist Rosaria Capacchione and the writer Roberto Saviano. The lawyer Carmine D’Aniello and former bosses Francesco Bidognetti and Antonio Iovine were acquitted “for not having committed the crime”.(Continue reading)

Acquitted journalist sued by the son of Vito Ciancimino
Journalist acquitted of the charge of defamation against former mayor of Palermo; the judge for the preliminary hearing said there were “no grounds for proceeding”.
Franco Nicastro was acquitted by the Judge for the preliminary hearing Luigi Petrucci from the charge of defamation because the crime does not exist.(Continue reading)

Taranto. Studio 100 break in. The journalist: “I had seen him before”
The presenter of Studio 100 from Taranto recounts the break in by the gunman on October 28. The solidarity of the broadcaster, the prompt intervention of the police agents
“When I saw that man enter the studios and lock the door, I was really scared, but I was able to maintain an apparent calm because I had no alternative”. (Continue reading)


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