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Administrator of Nuovocadore.it to trial following lawsuit by MP Paniz

Matteo Gracis stands accused of defamation for a post published by an anonymous user who had criticized the activities of the former PDL MP

Matteo Gracis, a thirty-one-years old journalist and blogger, and administrator of the website nuovocadore.it, must present himself to the Court of Belluno on January 15th, 2015 and answer to a defamation lawsuit lodged against him by the former MP of the PDL Maurizio Paniz. The parliamentarian considered defamatory the content of a comment posted in the forum of the blog by an anonymous user, who under the pseudonym “Smara” on May 4th, 2011, had criticized the parliamentary activity of Paniz, referring to “ad personam laws” and alleged personal interests.

The comment, in its full version, was visible on the website until the following May 27th, when the reporter deleted those parts deemed defamatory by the politician, and following a request sent by e-mail from the law firm of the lawyer Paniz. Having obtained the removal, the former MP has nonetheless decided to sue the journalist for defamation since Gracis was the owner of nuovocadore.it.

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