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Campania. Damaged the car of the editor of “Vivicasagiove”

Enzo Santoro has found “beware” written on the right side of his Toyota Yaris

Unknown assailants in Casagiove, in the province of Caserta, damaged Enzo Santoro’s car. He is the editor of the online magazine ViviCasagiove. The journalist on 19 January, had found “beware” written on the right side of his Toyota Yaris, parked in the street where the offices of magazine are.

Santoro has reported the incident, on which the police from Casagiove are investigating. At the time, there are no hypotheses on who might have committed the attack.

The journalist, who has been running the online newspaper for three years and has in the past collaborated with other local newspapers, told Ossigeno that recently some people, for a variety of articles, went to complain to the office. “Nothing particularly serious. It was simply some bad temper, to which we journalists are accustomed to from those who do not like certain pieces”.

Although it started as a blog, ViviCasagiove became a news outlet, registered in court since last year. It deals in particular with crime news in the province of Caserta and has a dozen employees in the area.

Santoro has received several messages of solidarity from the worlds of journalism and politics of the province of Caserta.

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