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Defamation. “Altomilanese to pay 325’000 euros.” Lawsuit begins

Lombardy Councillor wants them from a local weekly from Magenta for 69 articles. He had not requested any corrections or denials beforehand

It began on January 8th at the civil court of Busto Arsizio (in the Varese province) and has been adjourned to February 11th. The trial for libel brought forward by Mario Mantovani, councillor of the Department of Health and vice president of the Lombardy Region, against the journalist ErsilioMattioni, former editor of the weekly LiberaStampaL’Altomilanese, and Paolo Puricelli, university student of 24 years old, collaborator of the newspaper.

In the courtroom, Mantovani confirmed the request for 325’000 euros for compensation of damages (250 thousand to Mattioni and 75 thousand to Puricelli). Mantovani claims they defamed him through 69 articles, published by the magazine in 2013. The councillor never asked for corrections or denials for the now disputed articles. A possible condemnation may lead to the cessation of the publications of the periodical from the belt around Milan that sells a few thousand copies, and which has filled a void of information through its investigations, in particular on the stories of corruption and mafia infiltration.

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