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Genoa. Flyers against reporter of “Il Secolo XIX” daily

Riccardo Porcù had told of the inefficiency of civil servants. Solidarity from the daily, which complains: “unpleasant gesture because author is anonymous”

Some anonymous leaflets with a photograph of the reporter Riccardo Porcù, collaborator of the daily Il Secolo XIX, were posted on January 13th on the walls at the entrance of the Matitone palace in Genoa. “Have clocked-in?”: this phrase accompanied by two threatening “smilies”, appeared the day after the publication of an article entitled “Matitone, the smart ones who forget to clock-out for a coffee” (Matitone, ifurbetti del caffèchedimenticano di timbrare), in which the journalist recounted the coffee breaks of civil servants who were working in the Matitone building.

Solidarity to Porcù came from the editorial board of Il Secolo XIX: “It is hardly necessary to stress that the unpleasantness of the gesture is heightened by the fact that the author has preferred to remain anonymous, a sign that does never bode in favour of an opinion that is legitimately held up. To the creators of such initiative, we want to point out that our colleague does not have to clock any card because he is a precarious collaborator”. The journalist does not intend to press charges.


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