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Mafia Capitale. A lawsuit boom

The stream of published phone conversations, which helped “the middle world” come to the surface, has pushed many to resort to justice

Walter Veltroni and Giovanna Melandri have announced that they are pressing charges against the daily Il Giornale for an article published on the 13th ofDecemberand titled“How the boss’s sister complicates the lives of Melandri and Veltroni” (“Così la sorella del boss inguaiaMelandri e Veltroni”)which argues of “ a quantum leap” in the ofAnnamariaBuzzi, sister of Salvatore, chief of the cooperative29 Giugno: a take-off at the Ministry of Culture, the newspaper writes, which occurred during their tenure of the institution.

The Democratic Party senator Ms Anna Finocchiaro, following the publication of phone conversations on the IlCorrieredella Sera and La Stampaon December 10th under the heading “In phone conversations, the clan invokes Ms Finocchiaro” (“Nelletelefonateil clan evoca la Finocchiaro”), has instead announced that she will press charges against anyone who will try and tie her name “to such a sad and grave case”.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party MP Ms Micaela Campana has announced that she will file a lawsuit against those newspapers that will throw “a person to the public stoning because of an incomplete text message”, thatwas sent by her to Mr Salvatore Buzzi, “kiss big boss”. The former director of the prison of Sulmona, Ms Silvia Pesante, has moreover announced through a statement released to the press agency ANSA on December 12th, that she is “ready to press charges against anyone pursuing falsehoods” relative to her bonds with the 29 Giugno cooperative.


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