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Mayor of Saponara (Messina province) files lawsuit, Public prosecutor obscures blog then reconsiders. The Order of Journalists: “this is censorship”

Everything began on October 2nd with an article by the journalist Michele Schinella. Unclear how the prosecutor decided to proceed. The Order complains of a clear violation of press freedom 

On 2nd October 2014, the journalist Michele Schinella has posted on his blog an article revealing that Nicola Venuto, mayor of Saponara (in the province of Messina) was indicted for aggravated fraud. The mayor claims to have clarified his position and has sued the journalist with a complaint to the public prosecutor of Messina, to whom he asked to obscure the article immediately.

On November 27th, the entire blog has been obscured. Four days later, on December 1st, the same prosecutor who had ordered the website to be taken off, ordered for it to be released.

The obscuring of the blog has aroused the protest of the Order of Journalists of Sicily.

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