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Milan: vandals against the headquarters of the weekly “Tempi”

Dung in front of the entrance and a sign on the wall of the building, on the eve of a conference on the family

On the morning of January 16, the journalists at the offices of the weekly Tempi in Milan found dung in front of their door and a writing on the outside wall of the building: “Tempi: homophobic sexist shits!” It was reported by the news agency ANSA, after the announcement by the regional councillors of Lombard of the New Centre Right (NCD) party, warned by the editors of the magazine.

COMMENTS AND SOLIDARITY – According to Luca Del Gobbo and Stefano Carugo (NCD party) it was, as they wrote in a note, “a real attack on the freedom of press and speech” due to the fact that Tempi is among the promoters of a conference on the “traditional family”, scheduled for January 17 in the offices of the Lombardy Region.

Solidarity to the magazine was expressed by the secretary of Lombardy and from that of Milan from the Democratic Party, Alessandro Alfieri and Peter Bussolati.

For the former president of the Lombardy region Roberto Formigoni “the thugs against Tempi use the same logic of the assassins against Charlie Hebdo: prevent freedom of expression, because they hate the ideas of others.”

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