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RSF: 66 journalists killed in 2014, hijackings on the rise

Ukraine and Syria are the countries with more victims (along with Palestine) and kidnappings (along with Libya)

Sixty-six journalists were killed in 2014, less than in 2013, but kidnappings for ransom have increased sharply, reaching 119 cases. Forty reporters are still being held hostage in various parts of the world: these are the figures according to the annual report by Reporters Without Borders recently published.

According to the French NGO, to this toll 19 “citizen journalists” should be added, which are bloggers and non-professional reporters, and 11 collaborators of media workers.

Syria (15), Palestine (7) and Ukraine (6), are the most dangerous countries, where there were the greatest number of recorded victims. The highest number of kidnappings was recorded in Ukraine (33), followed by Libya (29) and Syria (27).

The journalists arrested are 853, and the countries where there have been the most are Ukraine (47), Egypt (46) and Iran (45).

China is instead the country with the largest number of journalists yet in prison (29).

In 2013 the journalists killed were 71, those kidnapped 87, and those arrested 731.

According to RSF, in the last ten years 720 journalists have died for reasons directly related to their work.

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