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Senate President Pietro Grasso becomes honorary member of Ossigeno

The award was conferred by the Senator Sergio Zavoli, honorary president of Ossigeno. The thanks by Grasso

For his efforts spent in the defence of press freedom, of the freedom to report and the freedom of expression, the President of the Senate, Mr Pietro Grasso, has been named an honorary member of Ossigeno per l’Informazione, the observatory on threatened journalists and news obscured with violence, sponsored by the FNSI and the Order of Journalists, and which in eight years has documented over 2.100 acts of intimidation directed at Italian journalists.

The award was conferred to him by the honorary president of Ossigeno, sen. Sergio Zavoli, by the editor and secretary of the Observatory, Alberto Spampinato and Giuseppe F. Mennella, in agreement with the honorary member Don Luigi Ciotti, at Palazzo Giustiniani, during the meeting with parliamentary journalists for the of exchange year-end’s greetings.

“I’m truly honoured – the president Grasso said – to become part of an association so active and vital, and even more so because the honorary president of Ossigeno is the colleague Senator Sergio Zavoli, whom I thank: a master of journalism, of investigation, of analysis, who has been able to tell us masterfully the changes occurring in our country and that terrible season known as “the night of the Republic”.”

Pietro Grasso was appointed honorary member of Ossigeno with the following motivation:

“As a magistrate in Palermo and in the public offices of National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor and President of the Senate, Pietro Grasso has always stressed the essential role of free information, of the news and investigative journalism in a democratic society, so as to promote, through knowledge of the facts, the conscious participation of citizens in public life and the social consensus necessary to fight corruption, the Mafia and other forms of organized crime. Pietro Grasso has called repeatedly for the need to ensure the protection of journalists and to remove the causes which, in the country where eleven journalists have been murdered, make of the business of denouncing the vices of power by producing information in a spirit of independence, professionalism, and in the interest of the citizens and the service of truth, a risky business. The public testimony of Pietro Grasso has helped many journalists in danger to break the isolation. He has helped “Ossigeno per l’Informazione” to bring onto the public arena the problem of thousands of Italian journalists who, because of their work, are subjected to intimidation, threats, aggression, retaliation and serious abuses.”

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