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Siracusa. The “Civetta” parable. Eighteen lawsuits filed after three years

Right to report. The Judge for the preliminary investigation of Messina stresses that the newspaper anticipated “ministerial inspections and disciplinary proceedings against certain magistrates”

They correctly exercised the right to report, among other things, by signalling to readers issues that were “closely related to those that led to the start of ministerial inspections and disciplinary proceedings against certain magistrates”. With this motivation the investigating judge of the Court of Messina, Daniela Urbani, has filed the criminal proceedings against the journalists Franco Oddo and Marina Di Michele, chief editor and deputy chief editor of the magazine La Civetta di Minerva from Siracusa, who had been accused of defamation through the press by eighteen plaintiffs, and were assisted by the lawyers GlaucoReale from the bar of Syracuse and Fabio Repici from the bar of Messina.

Magistrates, lawyers and businessmen had turned to the courts claiming that their reputation had been offended by the journalistic investigation published by La Civetta on December 2nd, 2011. The public prosecutor Franco Monaco had already called months ago in favour of archiving.

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