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The President of the Republic meets Lirio Abbate

Napolitano received him after the ceremony on December 16th. Present at the Quirinale Spampinato and Mennella, editor and secretary of Ossigeno, of which Abbate is “the first observer”

The President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano has had a private interview with the journalist Lirio Abbate, who lives under police protection since 2007 and on 11 November, in the centre of Rome, suffered an attack while traveling by car with two bodyguards.

The meeting was held at the Quirinale, after the ceremony on Tuesday, December 16th for the greetings exchange with the representatives of the institutions, political forces and civil society.

The President received information from the journalist about the circumstances of the serious incident and the protection provided by the Police forces and expressed solidarity and closeness.

Alberto Spampinato and Giuseppe F. Mennella, editor and secretary of Ossigeno per l’Informazione, the organization of which LirioAbbate is “first observer”, accompanied the reporter.

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