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What is going on in Italy – Safety Net Ossigeno – 8th -14th December 2014

The 41st of 48 weekly reports created with the support of the European Union and disseminated in eleven countries to promote a common awareness

Safety Net Ossigeno – Weekly Report 8th-14thDecember 2014
What happened in Italy: threatened journalists and obscured news

The investigation Mafia Capitale, which has created a stir in Italian politics and the local administration of Rome, is a story which has seized the last two weeks. Without the preliminary work by the press, and particularly that of the envoy of the magazine L’EspressoLirioAbbate (for years under police protection), things would never have come to this point: also the boss Massimo Carminati was aware, and he is now under arrest. The reports of the Sicilian journalist, as it emerged from a phone tap, bothered the boss: “I don’t know who the f… this Abbate is, this infamous piece of s… if I see this reporter I’ll smash his face … he will also be under police protection escorted, so they’ll also increase the number of bodyguards” Carminati said.

Another prominent criminal was considered at the origin of the removal of a reporter threatened repeatedly, Mr EnzoPalmesano, from the Corriere di Caserta: to obtain it, in 2003, as the Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere established, the boss of Pignataro Maggiore (in the province of Caserta) “Don” Vincenzo Lubrano lobbied GianluigiGuarino, then editor of the newspaper.

OSSIGENO RECEIVED BY PARLIAMENT – The editor, the secretary and the legal coordinator of the Observatory were summoned on December 9th for a hearing at the Judiciary Committee of the Lower House. MPs were offered with changes to the draft law on defamation currently under discussion. In particular to clarify that, despite the inability to add comments to a correction, journalists can always come back on those topics later: it should be clarified, therefore, that the forbidden comment is only a ‘contextual’ one.

INTIMIDATION – The mayor of Sava (in the province of Taranto) sued for incitement to murder, stalking and defamation Giovanni Caforio, editor of the online newspaper Viv@voce.

Death threats have come to Luigi Concilio, press secretary of Angelo Pisani, president of the Municipality of Scampia: it happened in Naples on November 20th, on the sidelines of a heated argument between Pisani and some activists and residents of a Roma-Sinti neighbourhood.

COMPLAINTS – The group leaders in both the Lower and Upper Houses of the 5 Stars Movement, Mr Andrea Cecconi and Mr Alberto Airola, have announced a lawsuit against the editor of the Corrieredella Sera Mr Ferruccio De Bortoli and the journalist Mr Sergio Rizzo, for an article by the latter on the reimbursements received by MPs of the Movement.

The holder of the Ministry of Economic Development, Ms Federica Guidi, did not like an article by L’Espresso signed by EmilianoFittipaldi, who defined as “inadequate” five ministers of the Renzi government. She has thus announced to have instructed her lawyers to assess whether there are grounds to sue the weekly.

IN THE COURT ROOMS – January 9th will see the beginning of the trial in which the editor of the TV channel Italia 1 Luca Tiraboschi, the author of the TV show Le Iene David Parenti, the journalist Mr Filippo Rome, the showgirls ElenoireCasalegno and Vanessa Incontrada and the singers Gigi D’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo stand accused of defamation. According to the prosecution they would have questioned in three episodes aired in 2013 the veracity of articles published on the magazines Nuovo and Diva e Donna, magazines of the publisher Urbano Cairo.

The Supreme Court has condemned the publishing house Mondadori to pay 80 thousand euros to the magistrate IldaBoccassini, for an article by Lino Jannuzzi published on Panorama in December 1999. The piece spoke of the investigation by the magistrate on the corruption of some colleagues and lawyers from Rome.

After nine years, a defamation lawsuit against Marilù Mastrogiovanni has come to a close: the Court of Appeal of Lecce, which confirmed the first instance judgment because “the crime did not occur”, acquitted the journalist.

On October 7th the judge for the preliminary investigations of Cuneo acquitted the journalist Osvaldo Bellino and the former mayor of BrossascoDomenicoAmorisco from the accusation of slander promoted by the then commander of the CorpoForestale Bruno Genetti.

Mafia Capitale: the threats of Carminati against LirioAbbate
From phone taps emerge phrases of the boss furious against the journalist of L’Espresso
The acts of the investigation fully explain the severuty of the threats that were repeatedly targeted towards the L’Espresso reporter. Continue reading

Caserta. Journalist Palmesano expelled under boss’s order
He used to collaborate with the daily Corriere di Caserta until 2003. According to the judges, he was removed under pressures from the boss of Pignataro Maggiore, Vincenzo Lubrano
The journalist EnzoPalmesano was dismissed in 2003 from the Corriere di Caserta on behest of the powerful boss of Pignataro Maggiore “Don” Vincenzo Lubrano, who applied pressures through a relative of his, on the then chief editor GianluigiGuarino. Continue reading

Defamation. Correction without “contextual” comment, proposes Ossigeno
The Centre has asked the Justice Committee of the Lower House to strengthen the deterrent against frivolous lawsuits and erase the rules on the web and on the right to be forgotten
“It is necessary to clarify that in prescribing the publication of a correction without comment, the lawmaker intends ‘without contextual comment’, which does not preclude subsequent comments”, the editor of Ossigeno per L’Informazione, Alberto Spampinato, said during a hearing at the Judiciary Committee of the Chamber of Deputies during which the observatory on threatened journalists promoted by FNSI and Order of Journalists has proposed a few adjustments to the bill on defamation at its second reading in the Lower House. Continue reading

Puglia. Reporter accused of stalking by the mayor of Sava (Taranto province)
The mayor accused the editor of the local online newspaper Viv@voce of stalking him and has incited people to commit crimes against him
Incitement to criminal behaviour, stalking and defamation. For these crimes Giovanni Caforio, editor and publisher of Viv@voce, local online newspaper from Sava, in the province of Taranto, was denounced by the mayor of the same municipality, Dario Iaia, a year ago. On March 3rd, the journalist has been served a notice of the conclusions of the investigation. Continue reading

Threats against spokesman of the president of Scampia City Hall (Naples province)
According to Pisani, activists of social centers would have said: “We know who you are, you are not going home tonight” during an interview with journalists
“You fascist piece of s…, you recognized you and we know who you are, do are not going home tonight”. These are the words with which Luigi Concilio, press secretary of Angelo Pisani, president of the Municipality of Scampia, in the province of Naples, was threatened on November 20th. Continue reading

Refunds to the M5S. Lawsuit against Sergio Rizzo and Ferruccio de Bortoli
The two group leaders of the Movement have announced a legal action against the Corrieredella Sera for an article on refunds to MPs of the 5 Star Movement
Group leaders of the Lower House and the Senate of the 5 Star Movement, Andrea Cecconi and Alberto Airola, have announced a lawsuit against the editor ofthe daily Corrieredella Sera Ferruccio De Bortoli and the journalist Sergio Rizzo for an article by the latter on the reimbursements received by the parliamentarians of the Movement. Continue reading

Invisible? Minister Guidi announces lawsuit against L’Espresso
The holder of the Economic Development Ministry did not like the criticism towards her and four other members of the Renzi government and decided to “evaluate all possible legal actions”
An article in L’Espresso criticizing five ministers of the Renzigovernment which considered them inadequate, was not appreciated by the holder of the Ministry of Economic Development Ms Federica Guidi. Continue reading

Defamation. Le Iene and showgirls to trial after lawsuit by publisher Cairo
In 2013, in three episodes broadcast on the channel Italia 1, there were interviews that have been defined as invented, although recordings of which exist are held in the archives. The hearings from January 9th
The trial that was supposed to begin on December 9th against the editor of the TV channel Italia 1, Luca Tiraboschi, against the author and director of the TV show Le Iene, David Parenti, against the journalist Filippo Roma, the showgirls ElenoireCasalegno and Vanessa Incontrada and the singers Gigi D’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo, all accused of defamation, was tranferred to another section of the Court of Milan, from the eighth to fourth criminal court. Continue reading

Defamation: Supreme Court sentences Mondadori to compensate Boccassini
The publishing house will have to pay 80 thousand euros for an article by Lino Jannuzzi published on Panorama in December 1999
The Third Civil Court upheld the ruling in which the Court of Appeal of Rome had declared “defamatory against the magistrate” the report “History of (fake) bugs and (true) deceptions”. Continue reading

Lecce. The Calvary of defamation. Nine years for an acquittal in appeal
Mariù Mastrogiovanni was sued in 2005 by the publisher Pagliaro. But a request for 260 thousand euros in damages and a complaint to the Order is still pending
Nine years after the case, in Lecce, the judgment in which the Court has acquitted the journalist MarilùMastrogiovanni from accusation of libel “because the crime does not exist” was upheld on appeal. The prosecutor Antonio De Donno, following a complaint by Paolo Pagliaro,publisher of the TV channel Telerama, advanced the accusation. Continue reading

Defamation. The journalist Bellino and former mayor of Brossasco (Cuneo province) acquitted
The ruling was issued by the Judge for the preliminary hearing of Cuneo, who after four years has rejected the lawsuit and the claim of the then commander of the CorpoForestale Bruno Genetti
The judge for the preliminary hearing of Cuneo acquitted on October 7th the journalist Osvaldo Bellino and the former mayor of Brossasco (in the province of Cuneo) DomenicoAmorisco from the accusations of defamation promoted by the then commander of the CorpoForestale Bruno Genetti.Continue reading


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