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Books. Libel trial in Trapani for missing information

Salvatore Mugno wrote that the former head of the Flying Squad in Trapani was amnestied, but did not add that he was later acquitted. he erased himself from the Order of Journalists

He is risking a criminal conviction for libel and a compensation of 50’000 Euros for moral damages. The magistrate Antonio Cavasino following the complaint of the former head of the Flying Squad of Trapani Giorgio Collura has indicted Salvatore Mugno, writer from Trapani and former journalist. The lawsuit was carried forward because of an omission in the book authored by Mr Mugno, “Una Toga Amara. GianGiacomo Ciaccio Montalto.” (A bitter toga.) The tenacity and the loneliness of an uncomfortable judge, published in 2013 by the publisher Di GirolamoEditore, and dedicated to the magistrate killed by the Mafia in Valderice on January 25, 1983. (Read more).

Collura was arrested in 1984 for aiding and abetting mafia gangs, but was later released from prison and subsequently acquitted. He sued Mugno considering himself defamed because the book omitted this last detail.

Mugno told Ossigeno: “I have not been sued for something offensive I said, but for what I have not said. In 1983, when CiaccioMontalto was killed, Collura was the head of the Flying Squad of Trapani. In the book I wrote that in 1988 he enjoyed an amnesty. The complaint stems from the fact that I didn’t say that a few years later, in 1991, he was acquitted.” Collura was arrested in 1984 on charges of aggravated and continued aiding and abetting of the mafia gangs of Trapani. “Another complaint that was charged against me – continues Mugno – is of not having reported that the charge was later declassified.”

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