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Carini (Palermo province). Burned car of journalist and M5S mayoral candidate

Ambrogio Conigliaro is responsible for the monthly Il Vespro and is a member of Legambiente. He wrote on waste management. Solidarity from Assostampa and institutions

The car of Ambrogio Conigliaro, a journalist, mayoral candidate for the Movimento 5 Stelle and member of Legambiente, the association for whichhe works for, was burned in Carini (in the province of Palermo). Conigliaro, 44 years old editor of the monthly Il Vespro that he founded ten years ago, was awakened, at two-thirty at night between 11 and 12 Februaryby the neighbours who had heard the bursting of a car tire. The Opel Meriva of the journalist – who has reported the incident to the police the next morning – was parked fifty yards from his home. The car was completely destroyed and the flames have burned another car before the arrival of the fire brigade.

Conigliaro received solidarity from many journalists of Palermo, the other candidate mayors of Carini, the city administration, Legambiente, the CGIL of Sicily, Beppe Grillo and the M5S. The MP of the Movement Claudia Mannino reported the act of intimidation to the House,receiving solidarity also from the vice president of the moment Roberto Giachetti (PD). The M5S launched a fundraiser to buy the journalist a new car.

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