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Cefalù. Mafia dealings in public tenders?The City Council files complaint against who says so

La Repubblica and CefaluWebgave the news of a press release from the Prefecture. The mayor does not know of the note but says he has to defend the city’s name

The City of Cefalù sued last November the news outlets La Repubblica and CefaluWeb for two articles that refer to a note by the prefecture, which concerns a company involved in a public tender of the town for possible mafia dealings. The administration did not like that the town’s name was pulled close to the word “mafia”, and as such the news was considered detrimental to the image of the city.

THE NEWS – It was October 17 of last year when the Palermo edition of La Repubblica, in an article by Salvo Palazzolo entitled “The new boss’s business – micro tenders to avoid controls”, spoke of the new frontier of mafia business delaings informing of the possible infiltration in 12 municipalities in the province of Palermo, citing among these the Norman town of Cefalù.

Palazzolo’s article also spoke of a note by the prefecture that signaled a danger for the town of Cefalùrelatice to a company (involved in a publictender) under review for possible mafia dealings. The news with reference to Cefalù was also published by the online local magazine CefaluWeb, asking the mayor of the Sicilian town to account for the truth of the news itself, which was then was picked up by other online newspapers.

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