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Defamation. Magistrate writes to journalist: €500 thousand or I’ll file a complaint

Letter from the prosecutor of Catanzaro Gerardo Dominijanni to Claudio Cordova who reconstructed the quarrel between the judicial magistrate and an officer of the Carabinieri

The deputy prosecutor of Catanzaro Gerardo Dominijanni asked the reporter Claudio Cordova for half a million euros to be paid within fifteen days by way of damages for publishing an article that, in his opinion, is biased and has damaged his honour and reputation reconstructing some facts in a distorted manner, with omissions and subtle allusions.

The peremptory request has been sent to Cordova on January 16, 2015 from the judge’s legal representative, the lawyer Riccardo Misaggi, with a registered letter with return receipt. Claudio Cordova, 29 years old, a contributor to the newspaper Quotidiano della Calabria and responsible for the online magazine Il Dispaccio, has allowed the deadline to pass and publicly denounced the episode on Il Dispaccio defining the request for damages through these shortcuts as intimidating. Now he is preparing to defend his case in court, in the trial that Dominijanni has announced. The magistrate asked the reporter 250 thousand euro for the publication of the article on Il Dispaccio, and an equal amount for publication on the Quotidiano dell Calabria.

“This request is abhorrent, I consider it a pure intimidation. If the judge feels vilified – Cordova tells Ossigeno – is his right to sue me. I do not understand how he can directly ask me for compensation without even explaining what parts of the article he did not appreciate. I have told a story for which there has already been a trial, and there is still an civil case being by the Court of Locri. I told facts hitherto unpublished and of undoubted public interest.”


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