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Freedom of Press. Why Italy goes down of 24 positions

Last year Italy was in 49th place (it was 57th in 2013). On that occasion, Reporters Without Borders had been misled

We are pleased that this year the error has been corrected and that the report is based on the data and analysis of Ossigeno per l’Informazione, “said the Editor in Chief, Alberto Spampinato. The fact that our country has been downgraded, he added, “we do not like, but it is right: when you measure the fever it is really good to know how high it is. Deceiving the thermometer may make  a good impression, but not to cure and heal.

The health of our country with regard to freedom of the press is very precarious, and not only because of  the conflict of interest and the  concentration of newspapers and the political control of the public television. We must begin to acknowlege this. The spread of threats, intimidation, the abuse of libel suits to intimidate and assaults are unfortunately frequent. The newspapers do not mention it, the politicians do not care, but the citizens are deprived of much important news and our little observatory reports more than one serious episode per day.

As long as you can continue to pretend not to see that, this disease is spreading. When will the other European countries, which today look at Italy as an atypical, execrable case,  begin to do the analysis to which Ossigeno has submitted Italy? Hopefully soon, because infectious diseases cannot be cured in one country only “.


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