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Italian journalist on blacklist of Armenian community blog

Romolo Martelloni indicated by Akhtamar online as “thunderstruck on the road to Baku” for writing articles on Globalist.ch and L’Opinione

On 15 January 2015, the blog of the Armenian community in Italy Akhtamar online, “edited and published with the support of the Ministry for Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia,” added the journalist RomoloMartelloni on a blacklist of unwelcome people releasing his name, his photograph and a biography that describes him with contempt as “thunderstruck on the road to Baku.” Alessandro Grandi has reported the initiative on the blog Il Nodo di Gordio, as “an act of intolerance.” Ossigeno shares this view.

Akhtamar criticizes RomoloMartellonifor having gone to Baku, capital of Azerbaijan on the shores of the Caspian Sea and to have published on Globalist.ch, online journal of Ticino, and on L’Opinione, reports and articles that relate uncritically statements and policy initiatives of the authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and which in so doing, according to the blog, he perpetrated “an apology of the Azerbaijani regime.”

“The dialogue, the confrontation, the criticism and the controversies opened and motivated – says Alberto Spampinato, Director of Ossigeno per l’Informazione – are the salt of democracy, but the black lists, the proscription lists, the initiatives to finger out as an enemy those who do not think like us, are another matter. These acts have an intimidating character that is inconsistent with the spirit of mutual respect and exchange of opinions that are essential components of freedom of expression. They recall what happened in Italy during the fascist dictatorship.”

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