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Lecce. Threatening inscriptions outside the headquarters of the daily Quotidiano

Appeared in the night between 17 and 18 February. The Digos is examining the footage of the surveillance cameras. Solidarity from Order of Journalists and Assostampa Puglia

“Shame is your quality! Shits!”. This is the message that unknown persons have traced in Lecce, with black spray paint accompanied by red spots on the walls and door of the building that houses the headquarters of the Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia. The gesture seems to have been made around midnight between Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 February, when reporters were still at work in the newsroom.

The Digos acquired the footage of some surveillance cameras in the area and one located in the lobby of the building housing the daily.

Under observation of the investigators are the topics covered by the newspaper recently that, among other things, has delved in focus on the investigations relative to a fight in the city between right-wing extremists and members of the anarchist faction on the eve of the national holiday of CasaPound last September. Two days ago precautionary measures were notified with the obligation to stay at home for twelve alleged participants in the clashes.

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