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Marsala. Gunpowder delivered to journalist Di Girolamo

The threats were also addressed to the public attorney Di Pisa and to the judicial police. The anonymous letter arrived to the offices of Marsala.it

An anonymous envelope containing gunpowder and a threat message addressed to the public attorney of Marsala Alberto Di Pisa was delivered to the online newspaper Marsala.it. It was announced by Ossigeno per l’Informazione.

Along with the gunpowder, the envelope contained a paper sheet on which there was handwriting, with a stencil, indicating to forward the contents to the public attorney and the agents of the Guardia di Finanza that are part of the judicial police, called “the Cains of the financiers of the Prosecutor “. The short message concludes with “We have a lot of it! Boom!!”, an obvious reference to the gunpowder. The fact that the threatening message was delivered to the newspaper’s offices suggests that the threat is of direct concern for Giacomo Di Girolamo, editor of Marsala.it and radio RMC101, which complained to the police through the Prosecutor’s office of Marsala.

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