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Padua. “Mercenary”. Mayor insults TG5 journalist who criticizes him

“In the end, it is the citizens who vote for us, and not mercenary journalists” he wrote on social networks following a service he found unwelcome

PADUA – On December 24th, the city’s mayor Massimo Bitonci (of the Northern League party) railed against the TG5 journalist Alessandro Ongarato – author of a report on the decision by the mayor to cancel over 100 road fines. No name was made, but the reference was quite obvious. He wrote on Twitter and Facebook: “The #tg5 is attacking me on the cancellation of the speed camera fines and shoulders the #Pd. It means that the #LegaNord flies above 15% nationally. In the end, it is the citizens who vote for us, and not mercenary journalists”.

In the report service broadcast at 8 o’clock pm on Christmas Eve, the journalist reported that Bitonci had decided to cancel the fines detected by different cameras scattered around the city and added that the announcement of this decision was not well received by the opposition.

The news was published the day before by some newspapers in the North East (as Il Gazzettino and Il Mattino di Padova) and had been picked up by other newspapers. But the mayor referred only to the TG5. “I do not understand – Ongarato told Ossigeno – why he fingered me as a ‘mercenary journalist’. Before even producing my report service, I contacted him and ask him for a comment on the decision, but I received no reply”.

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