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Pantani death. Rimini Prosecutor files lawsuit against journalist and expert

For an interview in which the expert of the family of the cyclist accused investigators of poor cooperation in the new appraisal on the death of the cycling champion

The public prosecutor of Rimini, Paolo Giovagnoli, has sued for libel the computer expert Cesare Marini, consultant to the family of Marco Pantani, and the journalist Lorenzo Lamperti who interviewed him in January for the online newspaper Affaritaliani.it. In the interview, the expert complained about the weak cooperation he supposedly received from the prosecutor of Rimini, which in July opened a file for murder on the death of the cyclist from Romagna, occurred on 14 February 2004.

THE RESPONSE OF THE PROSECUTOR OF RIMINI – On February 2nd, as reported by the ANSA news agency, the prosecutor of Rimini has denied the statements by the expert, stating that during the investigation there were no violations of the rights of defence. He also rejected the accusation of weak cooperation; explaining that the documents in the procurator’s possession have made available and adding that the experts of the defence did not request further documentation to the prosecution.

The reporter says that he has not received any denial nor correction requests and instead, on February 4th, the judicial police notified him of the lawsuit. “I believed it was right to give space to the version of an expert who spoke of an event of public interest. With the interview – Lamperti explains to Ossigeno – my intention was to delve deeper in the hot news of those days on the results of a new examination of the Pantani case. I regret of not having been able to offer the version of the prosecution of Rimini, which I contacted in the weeks preceding the interview but from which I had never received any availability. If the prosecution had sent a request for correction – he continues – we would definitely have published it, but from the prosecutor no feedback has been received.”

INTERVIEW – On January 22, Affaritialiani.it published the interview with Cesare Marini, who had recently analysed footage and photographs of the death of Mr Pantani and implemented, along with other experts, a report on behalf of the family of the cyclist. Marini in the interview defined as “terrible material” the video and photos provided by the prosecutor of Rimini, which is why he lamented a lack of cooperation on the part of the prosecution: the expert has questioned that video and photos were original, arguing that poor quality copies had been provided. The consultant has also criticized the conduct of the investigations, which were carried out a room of the residence Le Rose in Rimini, where Pantani died, claiming that inside, “after the seals were put up, someone came to take pictures, and this is very serious.”

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