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Pavia. “Attack to the family” Another threat to the journalist Giovannetti

The phrase told to his son, in a café. The reporter had denounced a public administrator who has been arrested. Solidarity from fellow citizens

“Giovannetti should be careful for his family.” It is the ominous phrase that a stranger told to the son of the freelance journalist Giovanni Giovannetti, in a café, in the center of Pavia. It happened on February 16, shortly after noon. The journalist believes that the threat was directed at him and his son is just a channel. Giovannetti noted that recently, on his blog and thorugh complaints presented to the judiciary, he has accused some public administrators of corruption. He will submit a complaint against unknown persons.

“The fact that the threat was directed at me, it seems clear enough. My son is not involved in any political or journalistic activity. Moreover, there is a temporal coincidence that makes me think: this threat comes right after the arrest of Luca Filippi”.

Luca Filippi, former adviser of the municipal company ASM and former president of the subsidiary ASM Lavori, was arrested on charges of corruption and embezzlement few hours before the threatening phrase was uttered. According to the Carabinieri, he had used a corporate credit card for private purposes for over fifty thousand euro of expenses.

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