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Rome. Threatening letter to Urlo magazine

The message addressed to a journalist. Ongoing investigations. The newsroom: “we are going ahead”

A threatening letter was delivered to the monthly magazine Urlo on 10 February in Rome. “Leave this flyer to your family” was the handwritten note left above the advertisement of funeral parlor, cropped from the April 2014 issue of the same monthly, and inserted in the message.

On the same day, the publisher and editor in chief Luca Migliorati filed a complaint against unknown persons to the police. The envelope was addressed to a reporter of the newsroom, while the recipient name was fictional.

According to investigators, the letter not having a real recipient was sent back to the sender (i.e. the reporter of the monthly) after laying uncalled in the depot of the post office. At the moment, there are no assumptions about the reasons that led to the gesture.

The monthly deals with current events and politics in the VIII, IX, XI and XII districts of Roma, and has eight editors. The newsroom condemned the intimidating gesture in a statement: “Twelve years of information cannot be cancelled or silenced through threats and insults. Our work continues. Like every other day, we continue to bring the news of the territory to our readers. With the usual attention – they conclude – to the stories and the details, we are going ahead.”

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