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Sardinia. In Villacidro journalist asks for interview and is attacked

Two people attacked Gianluigi Deidda when he asked an interview on the financial statements of the company Villaservice, which manages waste disposal. Solidarity from Order of Journalists

In Sardinia on January 21, the freelance reporter and photojournalist Gianluigi Deidda, collaborator of Viedolina, was attacked while he was performing his job during a public meeting at the industrial consortium of Villacidro, the provincial capital of the Medio Campidano province. The meeting was held to discuss the cost of the municipal waste disposal supported by citizens through the TARI tax. The President of Villaservice reacted with a violent gesture to the request for an interview. Soon after he was attacked by one of those present.

The affair was made public by the president of the Order of Journalists of Sardinia, FilippoPeretti, who expressed solidarity with Deidda. The reporter asked the Villaservice president for a television interview for clarification on the financial statements of the public company and, Peretti explained, “he saw his request be rejected with a hit that allowed the microphone to be dropped on the ground, damaging it.” Soon after, Peretti added, Deidda “was hit and seems threatened by a person, who seems to have a working relationship with Villaservice. The timely intervention of the police, who blocked and identified the assailant, prevented the situation from degenerating”.

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