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Sava (Taranto province). Former mayor sentenced for insulting a journalist

Mimmo Carrieri had been called “clown and buffoon” by the Mayor. Repeatedly threatened, he was assigned to a dynamic protection scheme

Aldo Maggi, former mayor of Sava, in the province of Taranto, was sentenced on February 5th in the second degree for the crime of abuse against the journalist and environmentalist Mimmo Carrieri, who in 2009 was called “clown and buffoon”. The judge Alessandro De Tomasi of the Court of Taranto has reformed the previous ruling issued in May 2013 by the justice of the peace, who had deemed the former mayor as not punishable because “he would have acted in a state of anger.”

THE FACTS – “I realized that from the chapel of the Immaculate of Sava, dating back to 1712, there were falling fragments of tuff and that the statue of the Madonna and the capitals were in wobbling”, the chronicler says reconstructing the story. “So I decided to warn the firefighters of Taranto and of Manduria which intervened promptly, because in my opinion there was an obvious risk to public safety. On the spot a bit of a crowd had gathered around and at one point also the mayor came who, in going away, insulted me. I have filed a complaint and after several years I was proven right.” Maggi will have to pay the legal and trial costs and pay damages to Carrieri for a total of over 4 thousand euro.

THREATS – The insults received from the then mayor are just one of several incidents of intimidation of which Carrieri was a victim. The journalist, who works with the online newspaper Viv@voce and La Voce di Manduria, was assigned to a dynamic protection scheme, i.e. a flying unit of the Carabinieri passes several times a day (and especially at night) in front of his house since 28 July 2012, after his car parked in front of his home had been set on fire. “Before that incident I had received letters with bullets, threatening buzz calls, an attempt to sabotage the same car that was then burned, as well as seeing rocker arms dismantled and the two boats of mine stolen. I reported everything to the police”, the journalist who since 2008 has been engaged in the complaint of crimes, especially environmental ones, says. An example for all: the illegal buildings and burial of waste in the San Pietro in Bevagna areas, in the province of Taranto.

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