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Torsa Pocenia (Udine province). RAI cameraman assaulted

Injury to the vocal cords for Lorenzo Cecutti, beaten by the owner of a dog farm. Solidarity from Journalists’ Committee and Assostampa

A troupe of the TgR Friuli Venezia Giulia was attacked by the owner of a dog farm, who launched himself against the operator Lorenzo Cecutti, grabbing him by the throat so tight that he cause him a vocal cord injury, pushed him to the ground and then kicked him and punched him. It happened on January 20th in Torsa di Pocenia, in the province of Udine. In the attack, also the video camera was badly damaged, besides leavingCecutti in hospital with a ten-day prognosis. The journalists’ committee of the TgR and the union of journalists of Friuli expressed solidarity with Cecutti condemning the incident.

THE AGGRESSION – On January 20th, around 11 am, the reporter Rita Micoli and the cameraman Lorenzo Cecutti were before the dog farm Italcani in Torsia, a fraction of Pocenia, to film from the road an operation by the Forestry Rangers: the pre-emptive seizure of some puppies from the Italcani dog farm, arrived from Eastern Europe along with the necessary commercial and health documentation.

“The owner of the farm – Micoli told Ossigeno – arrived by car, braked in front of my feet and told us that we could not shoot anything. I told him that we were on a public road, and he replied: «If you do not understand now, I’ll let you figure it out in some other way.»” Two hours later, the man came out from the farm and attacked Cecutti. “I did not want to react and I repaired my face with the camera. Then the farmer – the cameraman explained – grabbed me by the throat, squeezing it. Then he pushed me to the ground and kicked me and punched me. I have bruises on my neck now but I’m better. It could have been worse. The camera was dropped on the ground and is no longer working. I’ll have to get it repaired. I will sue the breeder in the coming days.”

The Journalists’ committee of the TgR Friuli Venezia Giulia and the regional Assostampa have expressed solidarity with the colleagues. “A very serious episode, which does no credit to the traditions of civilization of Friuli” the Assostampa wrote in a statement, while the Journalists’ committee has expressed “all the proximity to the wounded colleague and hopes that this unacceptable aggression can be sanctioned by the judicial authority in the most exemplary manner, in order to protect not only the safety of all journalists engaged in their work but also the more general freedom of the press.”

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