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Turin. Taxi drivers protest against Uber. Attacked Sky crew

The journalist Monica Napoli, the operator Stefano Vigorelli and the sound assistant Federico Benvenuto were there for live coverage in front of the transport Authority in Turin

“They lynched me. Kicks and punches from everywhere.” These are the words of Federico Benvenuto, sound assistant of Sky TG24 that on February 17, 2015 was attacked along with the journalist Monica Napoli and the operator Stefano Vigorelli by a group of taxi drivers who were protesting in front of the transport Authority in Turin against Uber, the private transport company that has revolutionized the traditional, more expensive ways of travel with its application.

Monica Napoli got away with “some slaps”, she told Ossigeno. Vigorelli, on the other hand, was surrounded and kicked by another group of taxi drivers, then managed to escape and get to safety. Napoli and Benvenuto were rescued by two other taxi drivers who took them away inside a café.

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