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Agrigento. MP was under investigation for Mafia murder and acquitted

In 2014 Riccardo Gallo Afflitto was accused by a “pentito”. It was revealed a year later by the website lavalledeitempli.net, which published a judicial document

On February 24, the online newspaper La Valle dei Templi published the news that Riccardo Gallo Afflitto, MP for Agrigento of the Forza Italy party, in recent months has been investigated following allegations by the collaborator of justice Daniele Sciabica, according to whom in 1988 he would have participated with the MP to the execution of a mafia murder. The newspaper pointed out that the MP was acquitted following the archiving of the trial, since the accusatory statements were deemed not credible. The MP has responded with a note from his lawyer, Lillo Fiorello, who points out that the filing dates back to five months ago and warns anyone from further spreading the news.

The article’s author, Gian Joseph Morici, site editor, replied that he considers it appropriate for a news organization to give account of the involvement of a public figure in a murder investigation, and to do so as soon as the facts were known, specifying that in the meantime the charges were deemed false.

The lawyer of the MP Gallo, Mr. Lillo Fiorello, stressed that the procedure “was filed five months ago, by a decree issued by the judge for the preliminary investigations as a result of a conforming request from the public prosecutor of Palermo, who promptly verified the absolute groundlessness of the statements produced.”

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