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Alassio. City Council files lawsuit against Il Secolo XIX and four websites

Journalists are accused of reporting on administrative activities in a “distorted and incorrect” manner and to have launched a media campaign

The city council of the town of Alassio, in the province of Savona, on January 22 has unanimously decided to give way to a complaint against the daily Il Secolo XIX and the local news websites uominiliberi.eu, rsvn.it, ivg.it and alassio2011. blogspot.com.

The news was released through the minutes of a council meeting published on the city’s website in recent days.

Under scrutiny are a series of unspecified articles, published between December 2014 and January 2015, which, according to city council leaders, report “situations and circumstances that are born entirely out of fiction, as well as allegations that depict falsely the conduct of the administration.” The articles being accused treated the choices of the city council in various administrative branches, including the performance of managers, the amounts budgeted for urgent works following the latest floods, and the restrictions placed on filming inside the City Council.

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