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Calvi Risorta. Former mayor condemned for defamation against journalist under protection

Vito Taffuri, penitentiary police officer, and publicist journalist, reacted with a counter-charge to the tens of citations received from the former mayor because of his articles

For years he has been the victim of instrumental lawsuits from the mayor, as well as threats and intimidation from members of a clan, which caused the prefecture in 2007 to award him with a police protection service. Eventually Vito Taffuri, agent of the penitentiary police and journalist of Calvi Risorta, provincial town of six thousand inhabitants, recounted the stories of the town for the Corriere di Caserta and his blog, and denounced the mayor. On February 24, 2015, after eight years, the former mayor was convicted of defamation, and sentenced to 4 months imprisonment with suspended sentence, to pay for damages and for the coverage of legal fees in favor of the journalist. Following the judgment, on March 6, the Ministry of Justice closed the disciplinary proceedings initiated against Taffuri.

In 2005, when he starts covering the clan’s affairs with the city council, Taffuri receives his first intimidation, which soon become death threats. Meanwhile, the mayor at the time, Giacomo Zacchia, bothered by his articles, cites Taffuri repeatedly. The mayor loses all cases, but the river of complaints discredits the reporter in the eyes of the institutions for which he works, since he is an agent of the penitentiary police.

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