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Carovigno (Brindisi province). Burnt newsroom of monthly La Lanterna del Popolo

Malicious act, say firefighters. The newspaper criticized the city council. Damage for 30 thousand euros. In 2008 there was another fire

More than three months away from the evening of November 30 when in Carovigno, in the province of Brindisi, the newsroom of the monthly La Lanterna del Popolo, a local newspaper with also a web presence, was set on fire, and the Carabinieri’s investigations are still ongoing. That day, around 8 o’clock in the evening, some individuals broke the glass door entrance of the headquarters of the newspaper and after spraying flammable liquid, set the office on fire. The flames destroyed monitors, PCs, chairs, a sofa, documents and a printer. The fire is considered fraudulent by the Police and the Fire Department because gasoline traces were found on site. The newsroom of monthly had already been the victim of an arson attack on January 6, 2008, when a flammable liquid poured under the door was set on fire. The flames destroyed the showcase and blackened the walls.

“Even now, after more than three months, the newsroom is still down and this time the damage suffered by us is around 30 thousand euros”, the chief editor of the magazine, Domenico Basile, told Ossigeno. “The date of the attack was not random: the next day the newspaper would have begun distribution”, he says.

“Before that terrible episode we published a series of articles that were highly critical of the city administration led by the Mayor Cosimo Mele” the editor added.

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