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Casal di Principe. Mayor files lawsuit against the journalist Bordin

On Radio Radicale he had joked about the conduct of some MPs of the 5-Star Movement, comparing them to the city council of the town in Campania. The announcement of the lawsuit and the reply

The mayor of Casal di Principe (Caserta province), Franco Renato Natale, has announced plans to sue for slander the journalist Massimo Bordin. The complaint, dated March 11, 2015, was filed as a result of the statements made by the journalist on Radio Radicale. Bordin has criticized the behavior of some parliamentarians of the 5-Star Movement, comparing it to that of the administration of Casal di Principe.

THE CASE – During the voting for the President of the Republic, Massimo Bordin, during the radio broadcast Stampa & Regime, mocked the behavior of some MPs of the 5-Star Movement who had photographed their ballot. “These people here behaved like they weren’t even voting for the city council of Casal di Principe”, which was, according to what can be read in the act, the claim of the journalist who, a few days later, on the daily Il Mattino di Caserta, declared: “I have no intention of suspending my judgment on the current administration of the municipality of Casal di Principe. It is not my fault if in Casal di Principe there is a Camorra clan that calls all the shots. And it is certainly not my own invention that the Camorra has continued to manage the politics and the municipal administrations.”

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