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Defamation. Roberto D’Agostino sentenced to nine months in jail

The reporter republished on Dagospia an article from the weekly L’Espresso changing the title. At the trial, the judge Alberto Lari did not accept the apology

GENOA, 27th FEB – The Court of Milan has sentenced Roberto D’Agostino to nine months imprisonment, the founder of the website Dagospia, accused of defaming the prosecutor of the Anti-Mafia Directorate in Genoa, Alberto Lari. D’Agostino was also sentenced to pay a provisional 10 thousand euro.

According to the indictment, the journalist had reported on his website the article published by L’Espresso, changing the title (“You do not investigate me and I will promote your wife”), which raised doubts about the promotion of the wife of the prosecutor in charge of the cabinet office of the Presidency of the Region: a promotion commissioned by the then president of the regional council Rosario Monteleone.

D’Agostino in an “earlier hearing apologized to the prosecutor saying that his intention was to defame but merely to forward an article on its online press review. The court, however, held that there indeed was defamation because the title on the site had been changed. (ANSA)

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