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Mafia and Usury. Brindisi Oggi. Death threats against journalists

The threats contained in an intimidation letter delivered to Paride Margheriti, coordinator of the anti-racket anti-mafia association of Erchie

A two-page long letter, filled with death threats, was delivered on January 28 at the home of Paride Margheriti, provincial coordinator of the anti-racket anti-mafia association of Erchie, in the province of Brindisi. The letter contained serious warnings aimed at the same Margheriti, at his father and to the journalists of the all-women newspaper Brindisi Oggi, who helped Margheriti report the reprisals and threats he has suffered for having denounced a usury racket connected to the local mafia and of which he has been the victim. A copy of the threatening letter was sent to the newsroom of the Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia in Lecce.

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