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Marsala. Police statement wrong. Two in court for defamation

They are the journalists Baldarotta and Musumeci. They wrote that a person had been arrested, when in fact it was only being investigated. The defense: “authoritative source”

It took place on March 2, 2015 in Marsala the hearing that sees as defendants for defamation Nicola Baldarotta and Paola Musumeci, respectively chief editor and editor of Channel 2, a local television station. The journalists have been sued by Vincenzo Scirè, who filed the complaint without requesting the broadcaster for a correction. Scirè was involved in the investigation proceedings for mafia in the so called “Golem 2” case for which on March 15, 2010 some alleged affiliates to Cosa Nostra considered close to the fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro were arrested. Scirè has taken a plaintiff stance and demanded compensation.

The trial however stems from an error. According to a press release produced by the central police in Rome and released by the Flying Squad of Trapani, Vincenzo Scirè was among those arrested, when indeed he was only being investigated. Channel 2 had spread the news of his arrest deriving from the press release that inserted him in the list of those arrested in the “Golem 2” operation.

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