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Salerno. Jostling at the club Pd Envoy of TV show “Le Iene” jostled at PD club for interviewing De Luca

Paolo Calabresi asked the mayor to explain why he drove the wrong way with his blue car to return home. Numerous clashes with reporters

The reporter Paolo Calabresi of the TV show Le Iene, broadcast on Italia1, was pushed and carried out by a club of the Democratic Party in Salerno, where the mayor Vincenzo De Luca was holding a meeting for the Democratic Party primary for his running for president of the Campania Region (which he later won). The report that shows what happened, entitled “The policeman and the privilege of the mayor”, was aired on February 19.

Calabresi, disguised as local policeman like in an Alberto Sordi movie, asked for explanations for the fact that De Luca, when returning home after work in the blue car, went the wrong way on a one-way street, forcing cars to back down.

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