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Sicily. Leonardo Orlando: This is not real protection, perhaps I’ll give it up

The reporter of the Gazzetta del Sud who has suffered numerous threats tells Ossigeno how he considers insufficient the protection measures arranged for him and his partner

In March two years ago his car was set on fire. In the days following, he was verbally threatened by one of the daughters of the boss Filippo Barresi and, months later, by the father of a young man killed in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. After these episodes, the journalist Leonardo Orlando, correspondent of the daily Gazzetta del Sud, left the house where he lived near Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and moved, along with his girlfriend, to another location for which a police protection service was arranged with law enforcement agencies. But he is convinced that the protection measures taken are not adequate. He reported it to those responsible, but nothing changed. “Now – Orlando told Ossigeno – I’m tempted to write to the prefect and the superintendent of Messina and request that these protection measures be revoked because me and my partner are do not seing the benefits of it and we think that they result in an unnecessary expense.”

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