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Supreme Court: lawful to remember “troubles” of the magistracy

Upheld the appeal of Colombo and Amurri against former Inspector Miller, of which they reported criminal and disciplinary affairs, giving credit to the exculpatory outcome

Journalists, from today, are a slightly more free to tell the “skeletons in the wardrobe” of those who receive a political office, even when it comes to “career” judges who stumbled in the past in criminal and disciplinary proceedings from which they escaped unscathed. The “go-by” comes from the Supreme Court. Indeed, the Supreme Court has upheld the appeal with which the former editor of L’Unità Furio Colombo and the journalist Sandra Amurri challenged the sentence – imposed on them by the Court of Appeal of Rome in 2010 – to pay 40 thousand euros for damages for defamation in favor of the former magistrate Arcibaldo Miller, called to the Ministry in Via Arenula in 2002 as “head” of the inspectors from the Attorney General Roberto Castelli.

The indicted article signed by Amurri in May 2002, and now exonerated, criticized the appropriateness of the appointment, since Miller had previously been subjected to various criminal and disciplinary proceedings ended without convictions. According to the Court of Appeal, to report these events about Miller, “had no justification whatsoever if not to highlight in denigration the personality of the subject”, and insinuate the doubt in the readers that he had been appointed inspector to exact “revenge” on the colleagues who had investigated him.

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