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Vicenza. “We’ll Kill Ya”. In the stadium menacing writing against commentator

It says: “we’ll kill ya”. Fabio Noaro, journalist of TVA, comments: “A stunt, I’m not suing anyone”. It appeared after the game between the home team and Lanciano

“We’ll kill ya, Noaro fucker”(originally in dialect: “te copemo, Noaro mona”): it so reads an inscription on one of the gates of the Romeo Menti football stadium, appeared after the end of the match Vicenza-Lanciano, the night between Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th March, and referred to the sports journalist Fabio Noaro, who had covered the commentary of the match for the broadcaster TVA.

Friends and fans have expressed solidarity. Interviewed by Ossigeno, Noaro cannot explain why anyone would be angry with him. He believes not to have said anything offensive during the commentary of the match. He confesses to be worried, but he then convinced himself that it was just a bad joke and therefore decided not to report the incident to the police.

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