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Defamation. Condemned for having insulted the journalist Palmesano

The entrepreneur Giulio Parisi had offended the reporter on the Facebook page of a fellow journalist, who was also accused but acquitted

The Court of Santa Maria Capua Vetere condemned for libel on March 26th, the entrepreneur Giulio Parisi, sued by the journalist Enzo Palmesano for an insult appeared on June 5th , 2012 on the Facebook page of Pietro Ricciardi, a freelance journalist, who was also sued but later acquitted “for not having committed the crime.”

Parisi (former local leader of the People of Freedom party, in the past already accused of threatening journalists) was sentenced to a 700 euro fine, to pay for trial costs, for the legal proceedings to bring Palmesano to court (1,710 euro) , and to pay damages to the reporter.


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