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Defamation: “La Riviera” files lawsuit against regional secretary of northern league

First hearing of a trial for defamation; the weekly files lawsuit against regional secretary of the Northern League Sonia Viale, who called the newspaper a mafia instrument

The hearing was held on April 13th, 2015, and has been adjourned to October 8th, the first day of the trial born of the libel suit of the local weekly La Riviera against the Ligurian regional secretary of the Northern League Sonia Viale, who had accused the newspaper of using mafia-like methods. At the hearing, the news outlet has claimed damages: the plaintiffs are, specifically, the chief editor Andrea Moggio and the journalist FabrizioTenerelli.

THE CASE – During the national electoral campaign of 2013, La Riviera, in an article signed by Tenerelli published on February 13th of the same year, had denounced the misuse – by the League’s candidate to Parliament in the college of Imperia – of having a car service and a police detail.

The reaction of Sonia Viale has come immediately on the next day, February 14th, through the online newspaper PonenteOggi where she published a letter: “since links between the Mafia and politics have been stressed – Viale said – I and my family have been suffering attacks from any information medium, and aimed at delegitimize us as people in the public’s view.” “Mine – she explained – is a warning cry.”


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