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Defamation. Palermo. Acquitted on appeal journalist Morici

He was sentenced in the first degree in Agrigento. Had reported allegations of a pentito on the designer of a regasification plant in Porto Empedocle

The Court of Appeal of Palermo acquitted of libel the journalist Gian Joseph Morici, publisher of the online journal of Agrigento La Valle dei Templi. The ruling was issued on February 27th, 2015. In the first degree, on April 10th, 2013, the Court of Agrigento had recognized Morici guilty of libel through the plaintiff, Mr Luigi Campanella, and sentenced him to pay the legal fees of the counterparty, 30 thousand euro for non-pecuniary damages and a fine of 500 euro.

In an article, published on May 17th, 2008 on the weekly Grandangolo, Morici had talked about the project for the construction of an LNG terminal in the industrial area of Porto Empedocle, reporting that a collaborator of justice had indicated the designer, Luigi Campanella, technician of the company Nuova Energia, as the mind of a series of frauds made through so-called “shell” companies.


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