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Defamation. Siena. Acquitted blogger sued by archbishop

The Court of Appeals of Florence had overturned the conviction to pay 250 thousand euros for damage to the Curia issued in January 2011 by the same court

FLORENCE, April 17th – The professor and writer Raffaele Ascheri, blogger of L’Eretico di Siena, was fully acquitted from the charge of aggravated defamation against the Archbishop of Siena Antonio Buoncristiani and Bursar of the Curia Don Giuseppe Acampa. The judge of the court of Siena Pierandrea Valchera, who deemed the expression used by Ascheri “Banda della Curiana” in his blog ws not defamatory, sentenced the decision.

The same L’Eretico gave the news. The accusations that started the trial stemmed from the posts with which Ascheri expressed opinions on some stories that would involve the two prelates from Siena. Defended by the lawyer Luigi De Mossi, he was at first condemned in January 2011 by the court of Siena to pay 250 thousand Euros of damages to the Curia of Siena. The Court of Appeal of Florence overturned the decision for a formal defect. Now, the new judgment. (ANSA)


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