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Journalist of “Sardinia Post” threatened on Facebook

Intimidation against Francesca Mulas on the page of a political representative, who distanced himself. Solidarity from the Order of Journalists and the union

She was insulted on Facebook for having written articles on a far-right movement from a sympathizer of the party, whose secretary and owner of the profile clearly distanced himself. For the journalist of Sardinia Post Francesca Mulas, the fiery supporter of the Movimento Sociale Sardo-La Destra-“Noi con Salvini” hailed for her to be raped by a “horny Mohammedan”. And this is just the climax, a racist and sexist one at that, of a series of insults that were sent to the reporter, guilty of having written on March 13 and 14, 2015 articles concerning an event organized by the Movement.

The comment appeared on March 15 on the Facebook page of the Secretary of the Movement Daniele Caruso, who however distanced himself, removed the insult and issued a press release highlighting his lack of responsibilities for the episode. “For some time – Mulas explains – I have been dealing with the phenomenon of neo-fascist movements in Sardinia, and as such I have been defined in many colourful ways, such as “commie shit”, “whore”, the most cheerful one was “giornalettaia” (or, little paper girl), which can still be seen in plain sight on the profile page of Mr Caruso”.

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