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“Mafia” on the coast of Rome, act of intimidation against journalist

The tires of the car of Cosimo Bove, chief editor of Reporter News, were slashed. Solidarity from the union

Three tires were slashed from the car parked under his house: it is the gesture of intimidation suffered by the chief editor of Reporter News, Cosimo Bove, that about two weeks ago published on the front page of his magazine an article entitled, “Mafia”, written in block capital letters, on the organized crime syndicates operating on the coastlines of the Lazio region.

Cosimo Bove, who also works with the newspaper Latina Oggi, had the nasty surprise on Sunday morning; he immediately filed a complaint against unknown persons for damages to the Carabinieri of Nettun, who stated that they hadn’t received other complaints of similar incidents.

“This is the first episode”, the journalist says to Ossigeno, who as yet has no idea about the incident.

Nonetheless, his car was the only one along the road to have been damaged and the title “Mafia” of an article in which the colleague was talking about some of the most serious criminal incidents occurred in recent times between Anzio and Nettuno seems to leave no doubt about the nature of the gesture. The colleague, on top of dealing with organized crime, also wrote about “black masses”.

On the incident, the Press Association of Rome and the section of Latina who intervened by expressing solidarity with the journalist.

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