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Milan. Journalist from tv show La Gabbia expelled from football league press room

Entry to the press conference denied to the chronicler Nello Trocchia.”I only asked a few questions to Tavecchio”

He was dismissed abruptly from the press office manager of the Serie A League, Tiziano Mauri, for having asked questions to Carlo Tavecchio, president of the FIGC (Italian Football Federation): it happened to Nello Trocchia, journalist for the TV show La Gabbia (broadcast on LA7), during a press conference of the board of the League on March 6 in Milan. “For some time now – Nello Trocchia explains – our show has decided to take up the case of the books written by Tavecchio and bought by the FIGC. The president of the federation, however, does not respond to my questions on the books issue nor to those on the “Parma case”. At first I walked in and started asking questions to the president, quietly. After a few minutes I went out with the cameraman to be able to interview the other members of the board who in the meanwhile were starting to arrive. On my way back in, though, I had a bitter surprise.”

“The press office manager – the reporter says – had ordered the security guard to not let our crew in because, in his view, we were rude and that was private property. I wasn’t even allowed back in to take back my camera stand. Then only the cameraman went in, without camera and “escorted”. The craziest thing is that I was also removed from the parking lot, where I was positioned to do interviews. A kind of treatment that was reserved only to me.”

Also the daily Il Fatto Quotidiano dealt with the case, while the television report produced by the journalist was aired in reduced format on March 15.

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